Goa Batu Kapal Solok Selatan

South Solok, West Sumatra, Indonesia has many unique and interesting tourist attractions to visit. Not just an ordinary destination, in South Solok there are various unique and historical places that spoil the eye when on vacation. One of the unique tourist attractions in South Solok is Batu Kapal Cave. A cave located in Jorong Ngalau Indah Phase 1, Nagari Sungai Kunyit Barat, Sangir Balai Janggo (SBJ) District, presents a fascinating geological phenomenon. The location is also not difficult to reach. Only about 20 kilometers from the center of the capital city of Padang Aro, South Solok. However, to get to the mouth of the cave, visitors must follow a path through a palm oil plantation and is about 250 meters from the parking lot provided by the manager. The boisterous sound of bats and the gurgling of water dripping on the cave walls make the natural atmosphere more lively. Although its existence has been known since 1984, the object of the cave that offers the beauty of the distinctive ornaments of stalactites from the limestone belly has never been glimpsed. However, over time the cave received the attention of many residents. Local people call it Goa Batu Kapal because its shape resembles a ship. It is marked by four limestone passages that are told like the four cabins on a ship. However, only the two with the largest size have only two caves. Once we set foot on the 'lip of the ship', we will be greeted by flocks of swallows and bats flying on the upper wall of the cave. The water drops that fall into the river, plus the sound of swallows and bats sounding like music, relaxes the mind. Uniquely, this Batu Kapal Cave has a charming beam of light. When sunlight passes through this section, a very beautiful beam of sunlight is formed. In addition, this cave with yellow walls has many passages. Then there is Batu Kapal Cave, which has white walls, with a slight green tint. The color combination is amazing, as if someone painted it. Beautiful painting that is formed naturally. Under the cave there is a clear river flow.